There are three main areas of accreditation volunteer managers can aim for to progress their careers:

  1. Skill-specific – these courses are for those who have identified a particular skill they wish to develop. These can be applicable to all and there are numerous course run locally, regionally and nationally.
  2. VCS management – these courses are aimed at people who wish to develop more generic skills and understanding in managing volunteer and community organisations. Normally managing volunteers will be one of the elements of the course.
  3. ‘Managing volunteers’ accreditation – these courses are designed specifically to develop volunteer managers or accredit existing skills. Below is a list of such courses.

Lantra awards – Advanced Certificate in Volunteer Management

Consists of five units: Understanding volunteering and volunteer policies, Integrating volunteers into your organisation, Planning the work of volunteers, Working with volunteers and Improving management of volunteers

Visit for more details.

 National Open College Network – Level 3 Award in Managing Volunteers

The Award is composed of a total of three mandatory units for a total of 15 unit credits. To achieve the qualification, the learner must achieve the mandatory units – Concepts and Values in Volunteering, Valuing Your Volunteers and Social Policy for Managing Voluntary and Community Organisations – plus the external assessment

Visit for more details.

Institute of Leadership and Management – Levels 3, 4 & 5 NVQ in Management of Volunteers

Level 3 NVQ in the Management of Volunteers aimed at practising managers responsible for managing individual volunteers or groups of volunteers directly on a day-to-day basis including responsibility for: planning, organising and monitoring the work of volunteers; leading, motivating and developing productive working relationships with volunteers, colleagues and their manager; and contributing to the maintenance of a healthy, safe and productive working environment

Level 4 NVQ in Management of Volunteers – aimed at practising managers with overall responsibility for recruiting, managing and developing volunteers in their organisation (or within their department/area of a large organisation) including responsibility for: involving, motivating and retaining volunteers; managing and continuously developing own and others’ capacity for managing volunteers; and developing productive working relationships

Level 5 NVQ in Management of Volunteers – aimed at practising senior managers with the responsibility for developing and implementing the strategy for involving volunteers in their organisation’s work (but not the direct day-to-day management of volunteers).

For more information go to

Queens University BelfastLevel 1 Certificate in Effective Management of Volunteers

Offered in conjunction with the Volunteer Development Agency Northern Ireland it’s equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree. For more information, visit

It has 3 modules – Effective Management of Volunteers, Developing Volunteers and Volunteering and a work-based project.

2 thoughts on “Accreditation

  1. Leicester University offers a Distance Learning Foundation Degree in Managing Voluntary and Community Organisations. This is a practical course with tutorial support, and some meetings in Leicester. For more information contact

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