Is the profile of VMs starting to change?

I was at an event yesterday evening linked to Volunteers Week. Ed Miliband gave a quick 5 minute speech before being whisked off somewhere else.

What was really interesting about what he said was that twice he mentioned the amazing work that volunteers did and the work that people who manage volunteers do.

I don't think, even a couple of years ago, that VMs would have been mentioned, particularly for an event that was specifically praising volunteers.

Hopefully, the profile of VMs has been raised, certainly in Ed's mind, both by the launch of AVM and the quote he gave to support us, and the dinner that was organised by the National Network of Volunteer Involving Agencies a couple of weeks ago that Ed came to, where 3 or 4 of us banged on about the importance of VMs.

One thought on “Is the profile of VMs starting to change?

  1. I've had a brief look at the review of Capacity Builders and was interested to see that they are moving from 6 Hubs, to 4 national support services, where the Workforce will have volunteer managers as a focus (see copy below). So maybe, the value of investing in managers of volunteers is starting to be acknowledged?Four national support services in place of six hubs——————————————————————-The current six sector 'hubs of expertise' are to be replaced with four National Support Services under proposals produced by Capacitybuilders, which now manages the funding under the government's ChangeUp programme. Its Draft Framework Paper for these services has been prepared following the Destination 2014 consultations which finished in March. Capacitybuilders is inviting comments by 2nd July – see paper is in pdf format, 141kb). Or read an overview in Charity Finance news alert, four support themes of Finance, Performance, Workforce and Voice would each have a 'strategic lead' organisation, with specific projects delivered by 'programme lead' organisations. The suggested programme areas include: in Finance – fundraising, business planning, public service delivery; in Performance – quality assurance, strategic planning, ICT, mergers and alliances; Workforce – governance, volunteer management, employment policies; Voice – campaigning, user involvement, advocacy, community action. A single gateway to information, advice and sign-posting for both infrastructure organisations and frontline third sector organisations is also proposed. 

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