Here at Age Concern England, we've been discussing how to secure funding for Volunteer Managers. Whilst we've generally seen an increase in VMs, this is normally through project funding which of course isn't sustainable. We've also seen situations where the VM is core-funded but has been moved to project-funding to free up some unrestricted funds (whilst this has been on the proviso that when the project ends the VM is moved back it leaves an unsatisfactory taste in the mouth)

I'm not aware of any booklet or guidance that specifically deals with how to get VM funding, so foolishly I volunteered to put something together. I was envisaging an e-booklet similar to the volunteer magnet e-booklet.

Of course, this is something that would be ideal for AVM to lead on/support and use the knowledge/ideas/case studies of the members.

Some areas I've been thinking for it:

  • How do you gain support internally so that VM is included in core-funding bids?
  • How do you make the case to funders re the importance of VMs?
  • What different ways/models are there to support a VM (eg some small Age Concerns have got together to each put some money in to fund a joint VM)?

So my questions for you are:

  • Does this info exist already
  • How would you answer the above questions?
  • Do you have examples/case studies that illustrate what you've done?

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