Our Russian Counterparts – the sequel

Back in June I delivered some training in the Moscow region on how to effectively involve volunteers in service delivery (see Our Russian Counterparts). Last week I was back in Russia, this time Siberia, where I had been delivering similar training but aimed at organisations based in central and eastern Russia.

One of the main differences from the June training was that there was more debate about the role of volunteering in developing civil society and what impact volunteering was having on the political landscape in the UK. They were very interested in how volunteering had moved up the political agenda in the last decade or so, and how that had happened.

Like many volunteer managers across the globe, just having that opportunity to discuss and share ideas and thoughts was extremely valauble so we talked about how that could continue particularly somewhere as large as Russia. I showed them the various message boards that already exist such as UKVPMs, OzVPM and CyberVPMand talked about how that could develop into a national association.

Who knows, one day maybe we will have a Russian Association of Volunteer Managers.

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