Various consultations that affect volunteering and volunteer managers

There are a number of consultations going on at the moment that we will be responding to as they affect volunteer managers, and you may wish to reply on behalf of your organisation. We will be publishing our responses here. We would encourage you to post details of any consultations that you are aware of and post your responses.

The National Offender Management Service is consulting on their Third Sector Action Plan, which follows on from their consultation on their volunteerng strategy last year. It closes 22 February.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is consulting on its Towards a Defra Third Sector Strategy. It closes 22 February.

The Morgan Inquiry into young adult volunteering (as mentioned on here already) closes its consultation on 7 March.

The Borders and Immigration Agency are consulting on changes to visitor categories. Whilst this does not directly mention volunteering, it may be worth raising the issue that people outside the EU entering the UK as a visitor cannot volunteer. It closes 10 March.

The Ministry of Justice is consulting on their Third Sector Strategy: Improving policies and securing better publicd services through effective partnerships. It closes 20 March.

The Department of Health is consulting on its strategic review of its funding of thrd sector organisations (which section 64 funding and Opportunities for Volunteering). It closes 20 March.



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