Are Baby Boomers Volunteering Less?

Last week on Woman's Hour the discussion 'Are Baby Boomers Backing Out?' was:

"The number of people over the age of 55 who do voluntary work is falling. It seems the baby boomer generation would rather spend time travelling or shopping than helping out at a local school or charity. The findings in a new report are described as 'worrying' – the over 55's and women in particular have been seen as the bulwarks of the voluntary sector. The government has spent millions of pounds encouraging them to do more. So why are they going off the idea of helping out, while at the same time the number of younger people offering to do their bit is going up?"

Joe Saxton, founder of nfpSynergy, a specialist research consultancy for not for profit organisations and Dame Elisabeth Hoodless, Executive Director of Community Service Volunteers (CSV) were on the programme discussing the issue.

You can find the report from nfpSynergy 'Who Volunteers? Volunteering trends 2000-2007' here.

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