What else can a Volunteer Officer do?

As part of the the Guardian's 'What else can I do' this week they are looking at 'Mike' who is a Volunteer Officer earning £21,400 http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/apr/02/14

1. Mike might move into management, employed by a district or borough-wide council for voluntary services, taking responsibility for the volunteer development team and its budget. The role brings new challenges, more responsibility and takes him up the career ladder. He would earn around £27,594.

2. The further education sector is keen to develop its volunteering opportunities for students, so Mike could join a FE college as part of its wider student support or welfare services team. He would help promote volunteering, identify new student volunteering opportunities within the organisation and develop links outside. Although he would only earn around £21,000, similar posts attracting between £23,000 and £26,000 are well established in higher education institutions.

3. Museums employ volunteer coordinators, offering a salary in the region of £21,000, and Mike might find this an exciting new cultural environment. Responsibilities would include working with the volunteer manager to organise the day-to-day coordination of volunteers, their training and placements. He would also be expected to raise the profile of the museum in the wider volunteering sector. It would be a sideways step but an interesting one which takes him into a new sector.

4. Mike could use his skills working for the social enterprise Changemakers, which is devoted to encouraging people of all ages to take an active role in their community. He might work as a youth volunteer development manager looking to promote new volunteering opportunities for young people. He would earn around £27,000.

5. Working as a hospital radio station coordinator is a possibility for Mike. He would be responsible for a team of 30 volunteers. His volunteer training is essential, as is his ability to project manage. While an understanding of broadcasting techniques would be useful, it is not essential. The role takes him into the NHS, offering a variety of career options in the future as trusts continue to expand their volunteer workforce. He would earn from £23,620 to £30,509.

One thought on “What else can a Volunteer Officer do?

  1. I didn't read the original in the Guardian as I was away, but am curious as to why only other volunteer manager roles were included, I feel that my experience as a manager of volunteers, promoting volunteering within my organsiation and the local community, developing people – both volunteers and those working closely with them, publicising, recruiting, ongoing support, persuading and influencing people, developing and implementing policy …. I could go on and on and onI feel that this has prepared me for a much broader range of future careers than mentioned in the Guardian articleOf course, I choose to remain here as while I believe that I have developed the capacity and skill to do so much else whilst working as a manager of volunteers, I fail to believe that anything else would be as challenging, stimulating and rewardingor as much fun ; ) Debbie Usiskin

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