3 thoughts on “Should there be awards in England that recognize the work of outstanding individuals and groups in volunteer management?

  1. I have mixed feelings on this, on the plus side, awards can help recognise the efforts of individuals and/or groups, and can also raise the profile of volunteers/volunteering.
    However, as with so many awards of this type they often become more focussed on the personal struggles of individuals rather than the work done, i.e illness, loss, disability etc, which invariably leads to sympathy voting, and in my opinion hard working people who do not identify with any adverse “problems/issues” miss out.

    If we can avoid this and judge ALL people on merit alone i would be in favour of awards

  2. I agree that there can be a cringe factor about awards which rely on the sympathy vote. I agree with awards as they are a good way of highlighting the profession as a recognised skill set, but they need to be carefully managed and ideally should sit along side as equals with other awards. Perhaps AVM members should all write to the Gaurdian when they run their Vol Sector Awards? What do you think?

  3. My feeling is that if a certain/specific criteria is put in place and nomination are done by volunteers themselves and people with in the industry in an anonymous way, it may heighten the profile of volunteer managers.

    I am not sure what the current award criteria is (if any) and I don’t know of any details as to why this topic is being discussed.

    All I know is that if this award could take on a “Teacher of the year or entrepreneur of the year ” type of feel. Where a volunteer management group or individual was recognized for the impact they have on the volunteers or an impact on the industry.

    But the comment of it going to the biggest hard luck story, is very valid.

    That’s why it’s tricky.

    Thanks for looking
    Sean kachmarski

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