New Survey from Red Foundation

Calling all volunteer managers!

Red Foundation has launched a new online survey to look at the support available to volunteer managers and volunteers who run projects. Are volunteer managers isolated in their work? Do you get to speak with other volunteer managers? Do you use Facebook to reach other people doing work like yours? Or to reach volunteers? Where do you get the information you need? How do you learn how best to recruit and manage volunteers?

This survey is part of the Modernising Volunteering Improving Support project which will inform the work of front-line support providers. This means that what you tell us will have a genuine impact on what support volunteer managers and volunteer-led projects will have in the future. If you want change – tell us! If you want things to stay the way they are – tell us!

The survey is anonymous and only takes a few minutes to fill in. To see it, go to or visit Red Foundation website – – for more information. You can also opt to register your contact details to take part in the free prize draw, which will be made in January.

If you can help to make the survey available to more people, please forward this email or direct people to the Red Foundation website. If you would like a link to add your own website or e-newsletter, please email or call the number below.

Thank you!

Red Foundation
0845 299 7162

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