Volunteering & Social Mobility

Sector to play key role in Government’s plans to boost social mobility (Third Sector online today)…

Am I being cynical and a grumpy old man (more than likely!), but is this Government looking towards the sector to help with another initiative to boost popularity before an election?

I believe volunteering can help with social mobility, self development, gaining experience for work etc, but isn’t this a bit tail wagging dog?  Surely the primary aim of volunteering is to support charities in their aims and objectives and to help them do more?

One thought on “Volunteering & Social Mobility

  1. I’m afraid this is yet more money going into ‘new’ initiatives rather than targeted investment in strengthening the existing volunteering infrastructure to be better placed to acheive these kinds of ends as part of their day-to-day business. This isn’t an issue only relevant in times of recession but the government plans seem, typically, to only be focused on the now, no doubt, as Sean says, to try and win votes come election time.

    Rob Jackson
    Founder and moderator

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