“We just want fundraisers valued”

Interesting article on the Third Sector website (www.thirdsector.co.uk), an interview with Louise Richards, director of policy and campaigns, Institute of Fundraising

Just replace ‘fundraiser’ with ‘volunteer manager’…

Her ambitions for the institute are clear. “We should be the voice of the sector, particularly so far as fundraising is concerned,” she says. “We want to connect with our members, connect with those who benefit from the services charities provide and the impact they have, and connect with donors across the board.”

The standing of professional fundraising is also something that concerns Richards.

“We want to make sure fundraisers are valued, that people recognise how important they are,” she says. “Without fundraisers, charities just go under.”

Richards would like to raise the prestige of fundraising so that it is considered a career choice on a par with medicine or the law.

At the moment, she says, fundraisers are not always given the recognition they merit, even in the charity sector. “It doesn’t happen as much as it should,” she says. “You really need trustee boards signed up to recognising the value of fundraising. I wouldn’t say that happens in 100 per cent of charities.”

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