£3m Volunteer Management grant fund announced

Capacitybuilders has launched the £3m Volunteer Management Programme – as promised by the Office of the Third Sector last year –  to provide support to people who manage volunteers

The resulting programme will be delivered via three inter-connected strands:

Strand A – £1.6 million to March 2011 – Grants will be targeted to around 25 local volunteering development organisations, to help them provide outreach and other direct support services to people who manage volunteers, particularly those who may not know about or access existing provision. More than 30 local partnerships are being invited to develop project proposals by the Autumn under this strand.

Strand B – £200,000 to March 2011 – Grants directed at the national strategic support of volunteer management. Work will be co-ordinated via the existing Modernising Volunteering national support service, managed by Volunteering England.

Strand C – Approx. £1 million, available from April 2010 – A bursary fund to help support training for people managing volunteers. Available from April 2010. Capacitybuilders will be consulting with key stakeholders during the Autumn to develop the bursary scheme.

Further information can be found at http://www.capacitybuilders.org.uk/content/WhoWeFund/Funding200811/VolunteerManagementProgramme.aspx

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