Volunteer Rights Inquiry

The Volunteer Rights Inquiry is keen to hear from a wide range of people with thoughts on and in interest in the issues of volunteer rights and redress.  Whether you are a volunteer; a volunteer manager; a representative of a volunteer involving organisation; someone in the public, private or voluntary and community sector; someone with good or bad experiences to share; or simply someone with an opinion on the topic, the Volunteer Rights Inquiry wants to hear from you.
The Volunteer Rights Inquiry is especially keen to hear people’s thoughts on how volunteer involving organisation can prevent problems by treating volunteers well and what mechanisms could be put in place to provide an independent means of redress when, unfortunately, things do go wrong.
However, before you tell us what you think, please take a moment to find out a little more about the Volunteer Rights Inquiry by reading our Q&A document at http://www.volunteering.org.uk/WhatWeDo/Policy/Volunteer+Rights+Inquiry/Volunteer+Rights+Inquiry+qa.htm and/or watching a short video about our work at http://www.youtube.com/VolunteeringEngland.
To share your thoughts with us please visit http://www.volunteering.org.uk/WhatWeDo/Policy/Volunteer+Rights+Inquiry/Volunteer+Rights+Inquiry.htm and fill in the form.  Please also use this form to tell us if you’d like to come and speak with Inquiry members in person to tell us your story.  You can also tell us what you think by uploading a video to Volunteering England’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/VolunteeringEngland.
We also have the facility to hear from people via Twitter.  Please tweet your thoughts followed by the #VRInquiry hash-tag.  You may also want to follow Volunteering England on Twitter – http://twitter.com/volunteeringeng.
Finally, if you’d like to contact the Volunteer Rights Inquiry on any other matter, then please email volunteering.rights@volunteeringengland.org.

One thought on “Volunteer Rights Inquiry

  1. I think that as VMs we have a responsibility to promote this to our satisified and happy volunteers to ensure that all views, good and bad, are taken in to account? I had an interesting enquiry from a volunteer today who wanted to know who his HR contact person was and when I explained that he doesn’t have one, he said that he was not treated equally – even when I explained that no staff have a named HR contact. I found that it was another volunteer who brought him around to reason… when we talk about rights, it does make me wonder just what things may be submitted? Brave of VE to ask the question – good on ’em!

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