Is ‘good society’ key to volunteering

In today’s Guardian Society Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive of NCVO, points out that the voluntary and community sector is key to a ‘good society’.

He highlights ways in which the VCS interacts with government and local government to achieve its missions.

I think that the relationship between the VCS, government and local government is intrinsically connected to ‘how we do things here’ and that impacts not only on whether and how we contract, but more importantly and interestingly for members of i-volunteer it impacts on whether and how we volunteer.

I know that every society has some kind of culture and tradition of helping others it certainly isn’t unique to us, but how we organise it, how we enthuse and motivate others, how we support volunteers and volunteering is necessarily very connected to how we live in this society – and which in turn helps us to be part of ensuring that the VCS continues to develop and strengthen our local communities.

We have alot to learn from others engaged in volunteering all over the world, we have more to learn from one another which is why I have overcome my fear of technology to share my thoughts and hear what otehrs have to say.


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