Funding Guidance for Volunteer Management

We (Age UK and the Age Concern Federation Volunteering Partnership) have produced guidance on how to obtain funding for volunteer management (PDF). It’s primarily aimed at Age Concerns however I hope it’s useful more generically across the volunteering sector.

I don’t pretend it’s the magic answer but more a starting point. Over time I’d like to improve it so if you have any suggestions or case studies please do let me know and I’ll produce a revised edition later in the year.


7 thoughts on “Funding Guidance for Volunteer Management

  1. Yes, thanks for this – it’s a FAQ for the Experts in Volunteering team in our outreach work with VIOs. It’s a shame that volunteer management is seen as an add-on, and therefore needing a separate funding stream, rather than integral to the success of an organisation and part of its full cost. PS have already sent this to a couple of VIOs this week.

  2. Totally agree that volunteering can help you with your time management skills, knowledge, and often financial, marketing. While some niche charities can help with very specific niche skills, all charities will showcase some way. This is because all charities are looking for ways to gain momentum for their cause, either by obtaining more volunteers, funding or grants, literally, all charities that have in common. Moreover, I have recently completed my research from autism lafayette works for fundamental principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and looking guidance for Volunteer Management. Will be waiting for more information.

  3. Oh what a great article. A lot of this information was very helpful for me. I have been needing some guidance in fund management. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi John, I’d love to read this guidance, it sounds great. I can’t see how to access it, which may be because I’m not yet a full member of the AVM. Is there any other way to access it or would you mind emailing me a copy? Many thanks Jo

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