This was in today’s Guardian. What do people think?  A good use of corporate expertise, or an assumption that anyone who can sell burgers can manage volunteers?

McDonald’s is to help recruit and train 70,000 volunteers who will be involved in staging the London 2012 Olympics, it was announced today.

It is believed the fast food giant’s customer service expertise and strong high street presence means its 1,200 outlets will be helpful in recruiting the volunteers. They will be called “games makers”.

McDonald’s, which spends more than £30m annually on training its 80,000 workforce, becomes the “presenting partner” for the London 2012 volunteer programme.

London 2012 chairman Lord Coe said: “Volunteers are vital to the success of the Games, and there are few organisations with the scale and experience required to help us prepare such a large team in a relatively short space of time.”

The wide-ranging volunteer roles could be anything from the glamorous to the mundane, including interpreting, first aid, checking tickets and giving travel advice as millions of people descend on Britain’s capital in 2012.

Steve Easterbrook, the McDonald’s UK and northern Europe chief executive and president, said: “While nothing quite compares to the bustle and excitement of an action-packed 2012 Games, our employees know a fair bit about working in a fast-paced, busy environment – providing quick and consistent customer service to over two million people each day.”

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