Survey: Volunteer Manager’s Skills and Knowledge

One of the things we have been thinking about at AVM is how volunteer managers become volunteer managers and then how their career progresses.

Members may remember we conducted a survey when we started in which many managers identified a lack of a career path as a drawback of the role. This got us thinking about a number of things.

One was the idea of professionalization. This seemed to give volunteer managers the opportunity to have a career structure like other professions. It is something we are still thinking about. But linked to this must be ideas of what is ‘the body of knowledge’ needed to be a volunteer manager – and where managers access that knowledge.

There is some work going on in this area, but we would like to add a little more And draw on your knowledge as AVM members.

This link takes you to a short survey (not more than 10 minutes to fill out we promise). We will be feeding back findings in a few weeks.


One thought on “Survey: Volunteer Manager’s Skills and Knowledge

  1. So often the criteria for what makes a good manager of volunteers is identified by those with no operational or strategic experience in this area. If we want to be credible as a group of professionals we need to take the lead on establishing the indicators and supporting evidence of good volunteer management, and this survey is a great first step, well done Steven and thanks for putting it together I am sure that in years time there will be lots of managers of volunteers, across all sectors who are properly valued and appreciated within their organisations as a result!

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