GLV’s Big Society Campaign

Greater London Volunteering has started a campaign to show the Coalition that Volunteer-involving Organisations, Volunteer Centres and Volunteer Development Agencies have the local expertise needed to build the Big Society and want to engage with them from the beginning to make it easier for them to deliver their vision, while ensuring that the most vulnerable are still protected and engaged.

GLV has produced a key messages document available from their website. A new website for the campaign will shortly be active at

Although the campaign is focussed on London, the messages from it are applicable across the country. As the volunteering sector, we all have a duty to be making the argument that we are an integral part of Big Society and have the expertise and knowledge to make it happen.

One thought on “GLV’s Big Society Campaign

  1. As I listen to Mr Osborne deliver the budget, I wondered who would be repserenting volunteering, volunteers and volunteer managers on the opposition. Here she is:Roberta Blackman-Woods MP is proud and privileged to represent her home City in Parliament. Before being elected as the Labour Member of Parliament for the City of Durham in 2005 she was a university professor in social policy and had previously served as a local councillor.She was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for the City of Durham in 2010.Roberta’s interests in Parliament are housing, planning, international development, foreign affairs and regeneration. She founded and chairs the All-Party Balanced and Sustainable Communities Group and is a Co-Chair of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Afghanistan and the All-Party Universities Group.In Durham she works with local people to highlight the importance of planning and housing policies to the City, with the new unitary council to sensitively regenerate the City Centre and surrounding villages, and with the local NHS trust for the best health services for the area.In October 2010 the MP was appointed Shadow Minister for Civil Society in the Cabinet Office team covering charities, volunteering and social enterprise.Roberta is married with one daughter.Hope she has a loud voice as it is noisy in Parliament at the moment!

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