NCVO’s Chief Executive talks about the importance of Volunteer Management

Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive of NCVO, raised the importance of Volunteer Managers and great volunteer leadership and management skills to make certain volunteers are properly valued and supported in all charities. This was a key part of Sir Stuart’s State of the Sector Address, where an audience of over 1,000 Chief Executives, Directors and Trustees heard an overview of the big issues and key areas for the voluntary sector, as part of the Evolve Summit on Monday 17 June 2013.

During the speech multiple references were made to how more can be done to harness the power of volunteering. About inspiring a new group of volunteers and organisations to create high quality opportunities and recognising the importance of ensuring great volunteer management practice and leadership.

During the day volunteering and good volunteer management was a theme running through all the main speakers with Boris Johnson and Veronica Wadley talking about Volunteering in the Age of Austerity, the Olympics and Team London. Jon Cruddas MP talking about Labour’s vision for ‘rebuilding Britain’ and their alternative to the Big Society. Dame Barbara Stocking, former CEO of Oxfam, talking about the contributions of volunteers and empowering volunteers to campaign. Nick Hurd MP talking about Big Society; and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson also spoke about the importance of volunteers and volunteer management.

NCVO kindly supported two AVM volunteer Directors to attend, represent AVM and the emergent field of professional volunteer management. NCVO, following its merger with VE, wants to focus more on volunteering and work together with AVM.

We know that volunteer leadership is about maximising the opportunities presented by people’s time and talents. Professional volunteer leadership is vital to deliver organisational aims and this message came across really strongly throughout the day.

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