AVM says ‘Happy International Volunteer Managers Day’

IVMDay_Logo_English_Proud_Supporter_Color_Version-300x174Hello all,

Happy International Volunteer Managers Day from AVM (Association of Volunteer Managers).

A couple of weeks ago we met 120 of you at the Association of Volunteer Managers conference “Finding Our Voice”. It was great to meet you all and share learning and knowledge about our profession.

I recently came back across this great (short!) paper: “Why volunteer management skills matter” written by Skills Third Sector.

I think it is a great article to share with your colleagues, teams and senior managers to ‘Education through Celebration’ as part of International Volunteer Managers Day.

You are fantastic volunteer managers and AVM is thrilled to be working with our members and conference attendees to further develop and increase the recognition and value of our profession, being a manager of volunteers. Why don’t you join in too?

Thank you for all your contributions to AVM, keep them coming, and Happy International Volunteer Managers Day. Enjoy and celebrate!

Best wishes


Rachael Bayley
Spokesperson of AVM