Future of Do-it

do-itOn 18th December, AVM members had a chance to hear Jamie Ward-Smith set out ivo’s plans for Do-it along with their partners at an event hosted at Alzheimers. The event was organised following a careful selection process to choose a new owner for Do-it, announced back in May 2013 by former owners YouthNet.

Already mentioned on ivo.org, proposals for Do-it’s development include:

  • Introduction of new tools for volunteers to record their achievements with options to receive paid work offers linked to their volunteering – supplied via Prospectus
  • Vivo Rewards for volunteers to earn points that they can donate to charity
  • New corporate volunteering offers which will be available through Believe.in.
  • Greater promotion of volunteering and social action, working with social marketing agency Blue Dot.

On ivo.org Jamie’s quoted as saying:

“We need to move beyond expecting volunteers to simply fit in with our demands, so that we avoid losing the talents of people would otherwise get involved if the right roles were available.” He also emphasised that Volunteer Centres will continue to play a central role in the new ivo led service, outlining their intention to make the service work harder for them to reduce the work required to administer opportunities.

ivo have been visiting Volunteer Centres and other stakeholders since September, getting to networks in Manchester, Hampshire, Birmingham and West Sussex. In the next two months ivo will be heading to VC networks in Exeter, Newcastle, London and Manchester alongside events hosted GLV and NNVIA, along with the meeting with AVM referred to above.

The transition presents many interesting opportunities, along with challenges. Many in volunteer management will be following the reports of technical difficulties with the V-Base software. In the same article, Jamie Ward-Smith suggests that ivo will be moving to a cloud-based model for processing volunteer applications and volunteering opportunities.

In addition, many will be interested in how the acquisition of Do-it by ivo.org, will shape the development of ivo itself. Since its launch in 2009, ivo has grown into a leading online forum for those working in volunteer management.

You have a chance to find out more about ivo’s plans for Do-it. You can book onto one of ivo’s roadshow events during January and February. Just contact ivo direct for more information.

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