New year, new website

20131023_152809We wanted to let you know that over the break, Santa pulled through for us. He gave AVM a brand new website and we’ve just taken the wrapping paper off!

The new look website is one of a bunch of things we’re doing to take the Association of Volunteer Managers’ work forward, as Heather Baumohl, AVM Chair, mentioned in her Thoughtful Thursday post on ivo back in August.

We’ve re-organised the news section of the website. Previously, we had a lot of content but it was difficult to find. Now we’ve divided it up into new categories covering issues in policyfundingprofessional development and events. There’s also a slot for any member or guest blogger to post comment and opinion in the VM Voice Blog.

Research: professional development and learning

A key challenge in the professional development of volunteer management is in how we marshal the evidence to back our case. As a start, we’ve pulled together a non-exhaustive shortlist of literature on the professional development of volunteer management. This is a part of the website we would like to expand.

Take a look and let us know about any documents you think we should be highlighting. For example, information on training providers, accreditation opportunities, career development paths, professional standards or volunteer management labour market analysis? Let us know what you think should go here and about this new look in general.

Happy New Year!

About Patrick Daniels

I work for Resolution as Operations Manager.

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