Below is the statement made by the Guardian on its decision regarding the removal of volunteering opportunities from its jobs website.

Changes to Guardian Jobs volunteering advertisements
The Guardian has always been a great supporter of volunteering and we are committed to writing intelligently about the voluntary sector. However, in response to significant jobseeker feedback, we have decided that we will no longer be including volunteering listings on Guardian Jobs from 1 July 2014.
Whilst this will not affect advertisements for paid positions in the Voluntary sector – for which we will continue to be the number one source of quality candidates – recent feedback from jobseekers searching for paid work has indicated that they were seeing too many volunteering roles compared to paid positions. We tried to address this with a filter to enable users to exclude ‘volunteering’ positions, but the feedback remained the same and users stated that it was affecting their experience in looking for paid work on Guardian Jobs.
We appreciate that volunteering listings are important and we are therefore investigating how we can adopt a different approach for this in the future, and we will keep jobseekers and the sector updated on these plans.
We continue to offer charities a discount on job ads placed with Guardian Jobs.
If you have any questions about these changes please email [email protected]

For background

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I can’t blame the Guardian really. As a profit making organisation it was nice that they offered the free posting of volunteer roles but in the end they need to listen to the people who ultimately pay. However maybe they can solve it with having a more separate Volunteering section in the paper.

Such a shame although I appreciate why they have done it. Lia is right, the solution is simple – just have a separate volunteering section.

As a user I’m glad this has happened.
If I want to buy bread I go to a bakers. I don’t expect to have to sift through loafs when trying to buy apples.
There are plenty of websites showcasing and advertising volunteer roles. If I want to volunteer I use them or approach the organisation directly.
I don’t expect recruitment agencies to litter volunteering websites with paid posts (though Goodmoves takes public sector ads for some reason?) so why expect the opposite?

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