Thoughts from AVM’s new chair

As newly elected chair of AVM, Debbie Usiskin lays out her thoughts on the way forward.

Some of you may already be aware that I was elected Chair of AVM earlier this year. I was one of the founding Directors, gathering together volunteer managers from all sectors to talk about what we would want from a professional association, forming the first board and then launching the organisation..

I have been the Vice Chair since we inaugurated working closely with each of my predecessors to lead us to where we are today. I am pleased to be taking the Chair-ship at this exciting time. Membership is growing to such an extent that we have engaged professional assistance to administer to members. Our events are growing in popularity to such an extent that we have engaged a professional event co-ordinator to put on more and better events – in all parts of the country.

And, at the same time we are in discussion with an increasing range of training providers in relation to skills development for volunteer managers, and in dialogue with academic institutions who are researching many issues around volunteer engagement.

There are opportunities for you as a member to get involved with all of these things – host a networking event, present a piece of work that you have done to your peers, take part in research or represent us at meetings with training providers, for example.

This is OUR association and will grow in the direction that WE take it so please let us know what you are thinking and what you can do to help.

Looking forward to seeing you at a network day or conference soon.


One thought on “Thoughts from AVM’s new chair

  1. Thank you. How can I get involved re delivering training? Thanks

    Many thanks,

    Mhairi Gordon-Preston

    Taking Steps Co-ordinator, South Cheshire CLASP

    Direct number: 07410 946 748

    Jubilee House, St Paul’s Street, Crewe, CW1 2QA

    Office number: 01270 250 629

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