Our latest networking day on embedding a volunteer culture within an organisation was held in London on Friday 8th July and brought together 38 participants from organisations all over the UK. It was a great day for networking and sharing new ideas and best practice.
Rachel Tapp, from The London Borough of Havering Council discussed how getting
a clear volunteering strategy in place in the short term was essential in generating a pro volunteering culture within her organisation in the long-term. In Rachel’s presentation she gives clear practical steps that other organisations can follow to achieve this.
In contrast Kate Adams and Liz Cyro discussed how they used internal communications to shape their volunteer culture at Mencap. They decided to move away from a lengthy written strategy in favour of volunteering principles that focused on mutual benefit for both the organisation and their volunteers. Their key aim being to create “One Mencap” where volunteers and staff feel included in their mission and are all pulling in the same direction. Moreover they encourage all staff to be volunteer managers and to take responsibility for volunteers in their orbit; this approach has ensured that there is an understanding of volunteering woven throughout the organisation.
Finally Adrienne Thompson and Cassandra Kamara from Arthritis Care shared their journey towards becoming truly volunteer led. They started by carrying out extensive baseline scoping of their volunteering body to ascertain where the problems were and how they could fix them. Both Adrienne and Cassandra will agree this has been a lengthy process and whilst it’s not over yet by fostering a culture of continues reflection and learning already they have begun to see positive changes.
Many thanks to all our speakers, for those of you who attended and to Jewish Care who very kindly provided the meeting space. For those of you who couldn’t make it we hope you will join us at our next event but in the meantime follow the below links to access the presentations.
1 – Rachel Tapp – Havering Council – Building an Effective Volunteer Programme from the Ground Up.
2 – Kate Adams & Liz Cyro – Embedding a Volunteer Culture within Royal Mencap Society
3 – Adrienne Thompson & Cassandra Kamara – Arthritis Care – Creating a Culture of Volunteering

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