AVM Board Elections 2017

Following the recent call for nominations, we are delighted to announce that we have seven candidates vying for the four elected positions on the board this year.

The seven candidates, in a randomly selected* order, are:

  • Gibney, Jo
  • Wilson, Angela
  • Ingram, Daniel
  • Ball, Rachel
  • Ramnauth, Karen
  • Bogod, Lia
  • Precious, Bryan

All candidates have prepared their manifestos, which appear below in the same order. Manifestos are reproduced exactly as supplied, with no spelling, grammar, or formatting changes. Furthermore, any manifesto over the 250 word limit has been cut to meet the limit.

Electronic voting codes will be issued to all members eligible to vote in batches over the coming days.

Update 2 October 2017:
All Electronic voting credentials have now been issued. If you believe you are eligible to vote and have not received yours please get in touch.

Gibney, Jo

Volunteer management does not happen in a vacuum and I am grateful for the opportunities that AVM has provided me to learn from, and share with , other volunteer managers. I want to see AVM continue to grow in terms of both impact and reach, and continue to champion real change that will benefit volunteer managers and volunteers.

If elected to the board I would support the continued growth of AVM membership across all sectors , my particular passion being small charities.

I would support AVM continue to build and strengthen relationships with organisations such as the Small Charities Coalition, NCVO and the Institute of Fundraising.

I would encourage AVM to explore utilising the vast and varied experience of its members to support the professional development of volunteer managers, and look at coaching and mentoring options.

I would like to see AVM expand its learning to more members through webinars or other online networking opportunities, regional networking groups or action learning sets.

And finally, I would like to see AVM influence more charities to set up employer supported volunteering for all their staff, and encourage volunteer managers to use that time to grow or share their skills as part of their own professional development.

My day job is in the national volunteering support team at The Royal British Legion, supporting front-facing volunteer managers. I have a breadth of experience as a volunteer and currently I am trustee for a small befriending charity, and a small charity that supports survivors of


Wilson, Angela

My experience in volunteer management started long ago as Sixer in my local Brownies Unit, and since then I’ve enjoyed various voluntary roles, most recently as Events Team Leader in my local branch of the NCT (National Childbirth Trust). I have experience in supporting the development of Volunteer Managers from very small community groups (as Organisational Development Manager at Voluntary Action Westminster) through to those from much larger charities, with recent positions including Volunteering Policy & Strategy Manager at St John Ambulance and my current role – Senior Advisor for Volunteering & Community Engagement at Barnardo’s. The voluntary sector plays a vital role in furthering equality within society, and it’s success is dependent upon those who volunteer, and those who manage and motivate those volunteers. I hope through the position of Director at AVM I can make a strategic difference to the support and recognition available for volunteer managers everywhere.


Ingram, Daniel

I am asking for your vote as I know first-hand the huge difference that connecting and sharing with volunteer management colleagues can make – from not feeling alone, to advancing the profession we love. If you give me your vote, I would work tirelessly to increase the number of people, organisations and causes that benefit, the same way you and I have.

I believe AVM must take the lead, by adpating to our fast changing world of volunteer management if it wants to retain and grow its influence. The answers to: who owns doing good; who volunteer managers are; and where volunteer management takes place, have become more complex.

Through my involvement in AVM’s events committee I have helped plan, promote and deliver this year’s programme of learning and development days, helping to increase attendance by ensuring they are relevant to as many potential attendees as possible.

I believe AVM can expand its geographical reach and increase its connections with people who don’t automatically identify themselves as volunteer managers. I have taken the opportunity to promote AVM to the members of the regional, specialist and sector networks I help to organise to do just that.

I have shown through my work and volunteering with national and local charities, community organisations, and with AVM that I have the experience which will enable AVM to succeed in this complex world and inspire those I work with to do the same.


Ball, Rachel

AVM provides a vital service to all its members who seek to learn and support each other in the Volunteer Management profession and believe we are stronger together. I have gained significantly from this type of approach to personal development and now want to be involved in the continuation and growth of the AVM’s work.
As a practising Volunteering Manager, I have experience across a variety of organisations (Museums (national and small independent), arts in mental health and carers charities) and I have seen the breadth of issues faced by such organisations. I understand the impact funding challenges have on the desire to create a volunteering experience that benefits not just the funding requirements but the volunteers, staff, clients and organisation itself. In my roles, I have identified training needs in staff and volunteers, written and delivered necessary training, developed initiatives to improve staff and volunteer relations, written strategies and implemented new policies, structures, systems and procedures to meet organisations’ needs.
I have achieved the Investing in Volunteers standard, the Queens Awards for Voluntary Service and recently completed the level 5 qualification in Management of Volunteers accredited by the ILM.
I would like to join the Board of Directors as I am passionate about Volunteer Managers being recognised for the skills, knowledge and expertise they bring and the opportunity to have a voice and be part of a community.
I enjoy collaborating, connecting and sharing with others and will bring this approach to the Board with enthusiasm and proactiveness.


Ramnauth, Karen

I’ve been the Voluntary Services Manager at South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust for just over 5 years. Our core business is responding to patients in an emergency, in an ever changing, financially pressured and political environment. The challenge is very much about gaining senior support in the face of competing priorities, by demonstrating the value of our volunteers.
I’ve focussed my efforts on developing our governance structures to meet the requirements of this regulated activity, creating new methods of measuring impact and evaluation, introducing reward and recognition initiatives (on an NHS budget!) and strengthening opportunities for our volunteers to feedback into the Trust. It’s fair to say I enjoy my role immensely.
Reliance on the contribution of volunteers in healthcare is growing and it’s critical for us to be ready for the changes, and opportunities ahead. Earlier this year I successfully bid for Q-Volunteering funding for the Trust to create a new volunteer role, and to apply for the Investing In Volunteers (IIV) standard. Q-Volunteering has designated us the national lead for quality volunteer management in the ambulance sector. In this capacity we have sponsored 4 other Ambulance Trusts to apply for IIV alongside us, in a truly collaborative effort.
I’m a non-practising solicitor, with a strong work ethic, and a passion for volunteers. I’d be both honoured and delighted if you would select me to represent your interests and promote the aims of the Association as a Board member.


Bogod, Lia

Since 2008 I have been following the development and great successes of the AVM. I feel it would now be appropriate for me to contribute to its further growth as the professional body for Volunteer Managers.

I started out in the charity arena as a volunteer coordinator in a voluntary capacity, followed by a period at the NHS West Hertfordshire Hospital Trust, setting up the volunteering programme over three hospitals.

I joined JVN in 2012. My role as Head of Volunteering, managing the Volunteer Department, has grown the number of volunteers using JVN’s services from 2,000 to nearly 8,000, with over 300 charities using JVN to promote their opportunities, recruit volunteers and enhance their level of good practice in volunteer management.

A key aspect of my role is to coordinate and deliver training seminars for volunteer managers. Through digital vehicles, including the cutting-edge JVN website, and one-to-one surgery sessions. I also set up and run the Trustee Connection service with a 85% success rate. Sharing and providing bespoke information to volunteer managers from across the charity sector has allowed me to develop and publish the JVN ‘Companion to Volunteering: Good Practice Guidelines for Volunteer and Volunteer Managers’. Our ‘Kitemark’ for good practice in volunteer management is available to charities demonstrating that they follow these guidelines.

Interfaith relations is important to JVN and a significant amount of my time is spent working in conjunction with Caritas and Strengthening Faith Institutions (part of the DCLG), developing volunteering as multifaith endeavour. JVN is


Precious, Bryan

Dear fellow members,

Over the last 3 years I have had the privilege of being a Director of the Association of Volunteer Managers. During this time I have used my experience and knowledge from working in a large professional body, to support the development of AVM.

I joined AVM because I was impressed with their learning and development days and wanted to support AVM to deliver more events, so more Volunteer Managers could benefit from them. This is because I’m passionate about the benefits of education and sharing good practice. During my time on the board I have led on the organisation of AVMs event calendar and increased the number of events for members. Also, I am often hosting AVM learning and development days, which gives me regular contact with members and provides members opportunities to share the thought with me in my role as a Director. I feel this is important as if we want to support and develop our members we need to understand their needs.

I believe strongly that the recent developments at AVM are the start of something much bigger for the organisation and its members. It would be a privilege to continue to support AVM for another 3 years as we take this journey, ensuring that we continue to provide more support and value to members.

Yours faithfully,

Bryan Precious


[ * The candidates names have been placed in an order randomly generated by computer algorithm. On the electronic voting slips candidate names will be randomised for each voter at the point of accessing the election portal ]


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