AVM’s board has reflected on our 10 year journey with you, our members, and begun to build a picture of where our journey must and should go next. For that journey to be successful we need to travel together. Can you help us decide the vision we will all seek to achieve?

We have narrowed down the ideas to three statement options. We would like you to rate each option and share your thoughts on why you gave this rating.

Please complete our short survey.

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Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to shape and influence AVM’s future vision. This is really welcomed.

I’ve completed the survey but unfortunately felt a little frustrated by this. I’m unsure from the statements and the survey what you are asking us to comment on. It talks about a vision but the statements read more like tag lines and also didn’t feel particually descriptive of, or relevant to volunteer leadership.

If we want volunteer leadership to be considered a profession, taken seriously and the volunteer leaders to be given appropriate pay and resources by all we need an ambitious, future thinking, innovative and progressive membership body to support us to get there. (We’ve come a long way but we aren’t there yet?)

For me an AVM mission, as opposed to a vision would be something along the lines of..
‘To raise the profile of volunteer leadership as a skilled profession and inspire and empower volunteer leaders to make a strategic impact, shape and influence change.’

Thank you for participating in the survey Ally.

We are still in the process of renewing our vision, mission and strategy – so you’ll be pleased to hear that the three options in the survey are not the end of the story. As a board, we wanted to ask members at an early enough stage that they could influence what we’re all seeking together.

I’m just collating the responses from over 100 people who took part. Although I can’t promise that the final statement will perfect for everyone (one person said we couldn’t encapsulate AVM in one sentence!), it will better reflect members’ vision for AVM.

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