Are You in a Volunteer Management Silo?

Guest post by Susan J. Ellis When you want to increase your volunteer leadership skills, discover new ways of doing things, or simply rekindle your energy professionally, where do you look for education and inspiration? Acknowledging that you may have limited time and funds for professional development, do you tend to prioritize books, conferences, even Web (more…)

Alternatives to the traditional Corporate Volunteering approaches: 10th December

AVM Network Day 10th December: Alternatives to the traditional (and tired…) Corporate Volunteering approaches of team building days. Are you thinking about how you can get the most out of your Corporate Volunteering? Do you think the traditional model of Teams painting halls and planting trees is tired and out dated? Do you think we (more…)

AVM Conference 2015 – slides

The following is an overview of the AVM Conference Programme 2015 (PDF): Tweets from delegates at the AVM Conference 2015 #AVM15 An age of opportunity for volunteer managers and the sector Lynne Berry – Chair, Commission on the Voluntary Sector and Ageing Lynne Berry – slides Harnessing the voice of the volunteer Oonagh Aitken – (more…)

Learning for life

The other day I went to an event for professional associations on what I thought would be a fairly dry theme: continuing professional development (CPD). A topic to get the pulse racing on a weekday morning without the need for caffeine if ever there was one! However, behind the fairly grey acronym is something really (more…)

Level 5 Management of Volunteers training programme

Are you a Volunteer Manager looking for further skills development in leadership and interested in gaining a nationally recognised qualification that will challenge your thinking, expand your knowledge and support you in your role? Starting February 2015, this programme led by Sue Jones will combine face to face workshops, action learning, coaching and on-line activities, (more…)

Professional development for volunteer managers: think lateral

International Volunteer Managers (IVM) Day is the perfect opportunity for us as practitioners to reflect on our work and take stock of our professional development. However, in some ways this is not so straightforward. The profession of volunteer management is still in the early stages of development. As a result, we lack the points of reference professionals (more…)

Professionalisation of volunteer management

Professionalisation has been a key issue in volunteer management for many years. Yet, it remains highly controversial and tends to polarise debate. As a result, many in volunteer management are wary of the topic. Many of the arguments for and against have been rehearsed and are familiar to many of us. Arguments for professionalisation In (more…)

Occupy volunteer management

Before going further with the discussion of professionalisation and volunteer management, it’s useful to recap on where we might think volunteer management fits on the scale of job, occupation and profession. Is volunteer management my job, my occupation or my profession? What stage are you at? It’s clear we’ll all have different answers to this (more…)

The Case for a Code

A code of practice for professionals in volunteer management Volunteering has come a long way. The understanding of the valuable role volunteering plays and its contribution to building communities is now part of the political mainstream. It’s become a firm fixture in the rhetoric of public figures from princes to prime ministers and has featured (more…)