Sharing good practice in group volunteer management

This event is hosted by Sport England

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An AVM learning and development event, hosted by Sport England

  • Is your organisation made up of local or regional groups?
  • Are your local activities delivered by groups of volunteers?
  • Are your volunteer groups run by committees?
  • Do local volunteer groups form part of your governance structure and constitution?
  • Do you want to engage new diverse volunteers to run your activities?

If you have answered yes to any of these then this workshop is for you. We want to bring together organisations from across the UK to share good practice in group volunteer management: 

  • hear about the changing world of group volunteering;
  • discuss whether committee structures are still the way forward or an ageing volunteer practice;
  • meet organisations that run local activities in an alternative way;
  • and brainstorm solutions to volunteer management of local groups.

This is a new networking session. It aims to bring us together to share ideas and work out how, as volunteering professionals, we can move forward this common, rewarding but challenging topic.

Learning outcomes

Understand the changing world in the context of voluntary management committees
Brainstorm barriers and benefits of group volunteering and share solutions and best practice
Investigate alternative models of group volunteering
Hear from organisations that have successfully tackled diversity within their group led volunteer activities
Hear about effective transitioning from traditional committee structures (or from one volunteering model to another)
Hear about examples of effective co-creation and consultation with group volunteers
Investigate technology and other methods to communicate with group volunteers, particularly the tools which support volunteers to recruit, manage, share and communicate with other volunteers
Build relationships and a network with others in this area and encourage commitment to continued sharing


11 am Arrival & coffee Sport England foyer
11:30am Welcome address Jo Gibney, Comms Director,AVM
11.40am Revolutionising local committee leadership in netball:

  • Understand how netball is locally led by volunteer committees
  • The England Netball local governance review
  • What we found
  • How to use data to revolutionise local governance
Laura Elson (Consultant, England Netball)

Round table discussion: Is it a challenge or an opportunity for change?

Discuss with colleagues the positives and challenges of localised group volunteering and the governance structures that support it. What do we need to understand more of and what do we need to change?

Laura Elson & Sarah Merrington (CIPD)

Our journey so far

Hear about how we made the first steps away from our tried and tested committee structures towards different models of local groups.

  • What works – and for who?
  • Starting our journey towards more flexible local support
  • What are people telling us they want and how do we support that in the future?
Andrew Broomhead, Diabetes UK
1.05pm Lunch Lunch provided

Chat show: Is it the end of the committee?

Hear about alternative models of running local groups of volunteers and why there is reason to be optimistic about the future of local group volunteering

Panel includes:

  • David Spencer (Sustrans volunteer group coordinator, Canterbury)
  • Ed Wilson (Ramblers Volunteering Coordinator)
  • Andrew Lawrence (parkrun UK volunteer Regional Event Ambassador, Greater London Region)
  • Kate Davis (Institue of Fundraising, Membership Communities Manager)
Hosted by Sarah Merrington

Solution station: use the panel’s enthusiasm and ideas to:

  • Share your ideas and good practice about group volunteering with other delegates
  • Discuss why we can be optimistic about the future of volunteering as part of a local group
  • Brainstorm how can we build a supportive network for organisations in this area and encourage commitment to continued sharing
Hosted by Sarah Merrington (with chat show panel members)
3.10pm Break

IT’s just paper and pens!

Technology as a way of communicating with group volunteers.

  • Bust the myths that age is barrier to online activity
  • tech to help sharing of docs/resources
  • Tech to help communication (webinars, videos, forums, social networking – separate and integrated to own systems)
  • Compliance and training – online makes it fun and scalable
  • Words of caution – data protection, security, safeguarding
  • How to support the nervous
Wendy Halley (Lead Volunteering & Participation Consultant, National Trust)
3.55pm Round up
4pm Close

Special thanks to Sarah Merrington and Jenny Betteridge for all their time, energy and support in the preparation of this event. 


Sport England, 21 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3HF


October 2, 2018
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
£50 – £100
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