Member support

member_avm_logo_new300As a member, you can get involved in the work of AVM in a number of ways.

Join an AVM network

Join one of AVMs online groups and contribute to discussions and exchanges between AVM members on this network.

Online networks

AVM is planning a number of changes to the online social networks it runs, let us know what you think of these proposed changes.

Face to face networks

AVM is looking to develop more face to face opportunities to network, if you’re a member and interested in helping to set up a network in your area please let us know.

Help to campaign for AVM

AVM speaks out on issues that affect those working in volunteer management. Join our campaigning work and help get our voice heard by decision-makers, colleagues in the sector and the general public at large.

You can see issues AVM has spoken out about here in the press and online on our website.

More info on writing on the AVM website.

Write expert content and information on volunteer management

Sharing news and information is a hugely important way of helping to develop AVM’s professional network of volunteer managers. You can write content for AVM’s website or simply share with other members posts from your own blog or website.

Here’s a list of suggested content we’d love to have, put you name down against one or add your own suggestion. You can edit the document and update it without logging in. We’ve kicked off a discussion about this here on LinkedIn.

More info on writing for the AVM website.

Help run an event

Whether it’s helping with the annual AVM conference or running your own local event, you could help to facilitate the meeting and networking of volunteer managers. We can help you promote it to volunteer managers in your area or in your field. We can post it in our events section.

Membership administration

A key part of AVM’s work as a professional membership organisation, is ensuring efficient and effective administration of membership. You could help by responding to general enquiries we receive, promoting AVM to other volunteer managers and by helping to welcome new members to AVM.

Join the board of directors

Finally, please consider getting involved in contributing to the management and strategic direction of AVM as an organisation. AVM relies on members who are prepared to offer sustained help to ensure the effective running of AVM.

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