AVM’s online social networks

LinkedIn Group for AVM members

With the replacement of the old website with the new one, AVM decided not to immediately replace it’s online forum with what it had before.

When AVM originally set up its website in 2007, the opportunities for volunteer managers to network with others online were patchy. The picture is different today, with the setting up of ivo.org (originally i-volunteer) in 2009 and the growth of LinkedIn as a platform for professional networking to name but two developments.

In AVM next phase of online development, we would like to consult widely on what AVM should be offering members in terms of online social networking.

As an interim step, we’ve decided to set up:

  • a group on LinkedIn that is reserved for AVM members only
  • a profile for AVM on ivo.org, as a way for AVM to increase its engagement with the wider volunteer management community

AVM LinkedIn Group

The aim of this group is to provide AVM members with a crucial private online space to discuss and share together on different work and projects that AVM undertakes.

Its core focus will be on bringing AVM members together to discuss and agree the business of developing AVM as an association, rather than simply being another discussion group for issues in volunteer management more generally.

There are already a number of excellent online forums that provide this opportunity to discuss general issues in volunteer management, such as through UKVPMs, ivo (in particular the Volunteer Managers group) and through the work of the VM Movement (such as Thoughtful Thursdays).

linkedin_join_buttonIf you’re a member of AVM and have already registered on LinkedIn, you can request to join AVM’s new group for AVM members by going to the group and clicking on the join button.

Once your request is processed, you’ll receive email notification.

If you’re not registered on LinkedIn, you’ll need to register on LinkedIn first in the usual way, before you can join this group.

Once you’re a member of the group, you’ll have access to discussions between members and be able to add your comments. You’ll be able to post your own discussions.

Joining this group is also a way of getting to know better who your fellow members of AVM are. By using the advanced search facility on LinkedIn, restricting it to the AVM group, you’ll be able to filter it according to sector, geographical location and other criteria you may be interested in.


Depending on how popular this group proves to be with members, it could become a really valuable way of honing your networking with your peers in volunteer management. Join the group today and give it a try!

What if I don’t want to join LinkedIn?

We recognise some members may not be interested in joining LinkedIn or may not want to use LinkedIn in this way. That’s fine, we will be actively using other channels to encourage communication between members such as email, open forums and through other one off opportunities/events.

Why not set up an AVM group on ivo?

There’s already a great public group for Volunteer Managers on ivo.org. It makes no sense to duplicate efforts. We recommend this group to AVM members as a valuable resource. In terms of setting up a private group, current functionality on ivo.org makes it tricky to run a private group where its members can be synced to correspond with AVM’s membership.

What will happen to the current social networks that AVM has?

As part of this second phase of development of the AVM website, we will be reviewing all the profiles and spaces that AVM has developed since it was founded, such as its Twitter profile, it’s Facebook page and it’s original public group on LinkedIn.

What’s happening to the content from the old forum on the old AVM website?

In time, we will process all the old discussions and migrate those which could be of interest to AVM members today. If you’d like access to this old content or would like to retrieve anything associated with your old profile, please let us know.

Any other questions about these changes?

If you have any other questions about these changes, please contact us for more information.

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