AVM’s Thoughts On NCVO’s 2017 Letter To The Sector

NCVO has started the year by with an open letter to the voluntary sector which poses many questions around the role of volunteer management. Here AVM Chair Debbie Usiskin responds and offers our thoughts.

Sir Stuart Etherington, CEO of NCVO, has started the year by publishing an open letter highlighting the part that volunteers can play in building a shared society. More importantly, he makes it clear that we need well supported volunteer managers to help make this happen.

I urge you to read Sir Stuart’s letter and share it within your organisation. He makes the valuable point, very well, that for volunteering to be successful it needs to be adequately resourced; it could spark off a discussion within your organisation about expectations and impacts.

We are attending the NCVO Members’ Assembly in February where we will be contributing to the development of their public policy work. We want to hear from members and make sure that we represent you so let us know what you think following Sir Stuart’s letter.

Of course, we agree with Sir Stuart that this means greater investment in the support that volunteering needs, acknowledging that managing volunteers is harder than managing staff. We look forward to continuing to work closely with NCVO to ensure that volunteering is managed well, and that those who do it are valued.

Evolve workshop: increasing the value and impact of volunteer management


Save the date, 16 June and book your place at NCVO’s event Evolve 2014.

AVM will be running a workshop at Evolve:

PM1: Increasing the value and impact of volunteer management

The role of volunteer managers is crucial to unlocking the potential of volunteering for your organisation. The session will focus on helping organisations develop strategy and processes to support and develop volunteer management so as to maximise the contribution volunteering makes to achieving the organisation’s mission and strategic aims. This session will examine current approaches to volunteer management with findings from research and exploring how to translate this learning into practise.