GDPR & IG -What will be the impact and are we ready for it?

23 January 2018 at Hanbury Hall, Spitalfields, Hanbury St | Spitalfields | London

This event is designed as both a spot-check for your preparations -have you got it all covered? and a look at recent relevant experiences that we can all learn from.

Everyone anticipates significant changes when the new GDPR regulations come into effect, but how will it specifically impact on volunteering and volunteer managers, as opposed to fundraisers? Has every organisation taken the same approach and made the same preparations? do we all recognise the same potential issues, and does anyone really understand the full connotations and consequences.

RNLI took the brave decision to implement the GDPR regulations a year early, and are the only large organisation to have done so. Find out what they learnt, why they opted for thi unconventional route and what advice they’d suggest for others.

Alzheimer’s Society have specific experience of broader data protection issues, and will be sharing their Enforcement Notice experience and the key work they took forward as a result of this. The ICO were sadly unable to send a speaker to this event, however this presentation will address the ICO’s role in Alzheimer’s situation.

Paul Jennings, legal expert from Bates Wells Braithwaite (BWB) will be providing an overview of the legal implications of the new legislation, with suggestions of some of the pitfalls to avoid and an idea of the possible consequences for both large and small organisations.

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1pm Arrivals, registration

1:30 Welcome address from Daniel Ingram, AVM Director

1:35 RNLI: Tom Payne, Data Governance Analyst and Esme Chapman, Data Governance Analyst.

Tom and Esme will be covering RNLI’s approach to GDPR readiness: what was the background to their decision to implement a year early; what factors seemed most relevant to them, and did the results match their expectations? They will share what they learned, and suggest how others may beneft from their experience. They will also address Accountability and Ownership at RNLI and the communication roll-out to staff and volunteers.

2:15 Alzheimers Society: Kate Adams, Head of Volunteering and Amy Symons, Volunteering Support Manager.

Kate and Amy will give us an overview of the situation leading to the Information Commisioner taking action against Alzheimers for their “disappointing attitude’ to data use. They will address the impact of this decision, what actions Alzheimers took, what they learned and how, as an organisation, they were able to channel the experience into positive development and become better prepared for GDPR requirements.

2:55 Table discussions

3:25 Coffee and tea

3:45 Paul Jennings, Partner, BWB

Paul will be guiding us through the legal minefield of what’s allowed, what isn’t; what is clear and what is open to interpretation, and ultimately what can be expected from disagreement or transgression. He will provide a legal interpretation of the governments aims, wishes and intentions.

4:20 Round-up and closing address.

4:30 Optional Q&A session: For those with specific questions for our speakers, this timeslot is available for on-on-one or small group discussions.

5 pm Close


January 23, 2018
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
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