Becoming a member of AVM

Join AVM and be part of a growing network of over 500 leaders of volunteering. Our aim is to provide learning and development opportunities in volunteer management and leadership, to act as a voice for those who work with volunteers, and to share best practice amongst everyone who engages volunteers.

Who is AVM for?

AVM is for anyone who works with volunteers, whatever they sector. You might directly manage or coordinate volunteers yourself, or you might work in a central team. You might be paid, or do this in a voluntary capacity. You might lead or administer a volunteering programme. Equally you may work with and engage volunteers in the private, public or voluntary sector.

Whatever your involvement in the field of volunteer management, we would like you to be part of our movement to help develop volunteer management as a recognised profession.

Benefits of membership

By joining the Association of Volunteer Managers as a member you’ll be inspired, engaged and supported by a large network of volunteer management professionals across the country.

As a member you also benefit from:

Discount on AVM peer learning events

Members receive a discount to our L&D events. Prices do vary so please check our upcoming events for exact savings you can make on events.

Discount on our annual conference

Our annual conference brings together more than 200 leaders of volunteering. By joining AVM, members can make a significant saving on their ticket.

Member-only events

AVM members are invited to regular member-only events, including our regular book club.

Access to our mentoring programme

AVM members can join our mentoring programme as either a mentor or mentee.

Mentoring through AVM involves connecting a more experienced volunteer management professional with a less experienced member, for personal and professional development. The purpose of the relationship is to support the mentee in making positive change and reaching their goals. Mentoring will involve the more experienced member sharing knowledge and experience.

We open our mentoring programme to new mentees twice a year, to ensure we can meet demand.

AVM’s mentoring programme is only available to AVM members.

Exclusive access to premium content 

Members can access BiteSize webcasts, and video recordings and presentations from previous AVM Learning and Development events.

Where we have the permission of speakers, recordings of talks from AVM events are available to AVM members.

AVM BiteSize is a series of short webcasts, featuring interesting people doing interesting stuff. Whether they’re a volunteer manager, or in a different sector, we know BiteSize will get you thinking. Each BiteSize is a short, snack-sized interview, just the right length of time for a cuppa (and maybe a biscuit too).

Be part of a growing network of volunteer managers

Build and maintain your network of peers through AVM Connect, networking events and opportunities, peer-to-peer support, the Voluntary Voice forum (where there is an exclusive members’ group), or by volunteering with AVM.

AVM Connect is about connecting members together, with the aim of building networks and connections. AVM Connect runs approximately every two months.

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