AVM is excited to announce a workshop for AVM members, to help inform England’s Vision for Volunteering; a cross-sector consultation designed to develop a shared, actions-focused ambition for volunteering for the next 10 years.

Our experience as a country during the COVID-19 pandemic showed people at their absolute best – stepping up to care for neighbours, look after their communities, and volunteer across a range of priorities to make sure we looked after or communities – with practical support such as food provision, with embedding some of the medical response to COVID-19 (particularly testing and vaccination sites), and with emotional and wellbeing support. We already knew that a large section of the British population take part in voluntary activities through both formal and informal routes, providing much-needed service support and enrichment of lives and communities of all shapes and sizes.

Through establishing a shared vision, we will articulate and better understand the challenges and opportunities for all those involved in volunteering, and use this understanding as the catalyst for discussion, to shape opportunity and enable inclusive, accessible and valuable volunteering in England. We firmly believe we can achieve so much more in partnership than we can when we try to do things on our own. The Vision for Volunteering is just the start of the changes we want to see and feel, as well as recognition of what works well and needs to remain. It’s designed to link our common aspirations, highlight opportunities and challenges, overcome structural siloes, build common ownership of local and national considerations, and ensure that priorities and recommendations are built by us rather than for us.

We want to make sure the views of volunteer managers are included in shaping this Vision, and invite all AVM members to join us for this workshop.

Please note this Vision is for England only, as similar activities have been taking place in the other Nations.

If you’re unable to attend this workshop, you can still share your Vision for Volunteering via the website.

Vision for Volunteering is a collaboration across the voluntary and community sector, led by NAVCA, NCVO, Volunteering Matters, the Association of Volunteer Managers and Sport England.

This workshop is free for AVM members, and you can register for this workshop today