by Amalia Loizidou

Feeling lonely, Volunteer Manager? Joining the Association of Volunteer Managers might help!

Are you new in volunteer management and not sure where to start? Have you been working in a volunteer management position for a while now but feel like you could use more support? Then please consider joining the Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM).

Since joining AVM I was able to expand my network and knowledge on volunteer management related subjects tremendously.

Having the opportunity to attend regular peer-to-peer events is extremely helpful in this often lonely profession. Hearing about what other colleagues are up to can provide great inspiration. It can help with confirming your own practices and overall work are on the right path.

Concretely, since I’ve joined AVM I have been:

  • Connected with a colleague through the AVM connect scheme. We regularly meet over a cup of tea before we start our day. We discuss our current tasks and how we work on them.
  • Accessing members only resources, including short webinars
  • Matched with a mentor who is helping me think about the profession and my future in it.
  • Attended the annual conference and several members-free or discounted training sessions

Moving forward

I am publishing this story on my last day at my current workplace. The confidence to apply for more senior roles and to feel ready to move into bigger projects was not solely due to my membership of AVM, but it has certainly played a big part in it.

I will definitely be renewing my membership when it’s time to do so and I would strongly recommend anyone involved with volunteer management to join – there is a fee involved, but you’re really getting your money’s worth.

Thank you

I am writing this on International Volunteer Managers so I can say thank you to all involved in running AVM – staff and volunteers to all connections I’ve made through AVM, including my mentor. Hope you can take part of this day to reflect on your achievements and how your work and contributions have helped others in the profession and volunteering overall.

This blog was republished with permission, and was first posted on LinkedIn.

About Amalia

Amalia Loizidou is the (outgoing) Best Practice Advisor at Volunteer Centre Hackney and a member of AVM. 

She has been working in volunteer management since April 2018. In her various roles she has been supporting local residents with finding volunteer roles and local organisations with all aspects of their volunteering programmes. She has also worked in community outreach and engagement.