It’s Volunteers’ Week – a time to say thanks for the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering. We’re sure you’re busy celebrating and recognising the enormous contribution of the volunteers who support your organisation – we hope you have a fun and enjoyable week.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who support AVM as an organisation. Volunteers who enable AVM to have real impact and bring huge value to our members. A massive thank you to AVM’s:

  • 9 conference volunteers, who design and deliver the annual conference, bringing the latest thinking and practice in volunteer management to our professional community. 
  • 4 events volunteers, who devise, plan and run a range of peer learning events to meet the needs of our members and wider community. The team brilliantly and quickly adapted to running events online last year. 
  • 48 speakers at events, conference and BiteSize contributors, who bring inspiration, direction and encouragement through sharing their experiences with our professional community. 
  • 22 mentors, who are matched with members seeking career development, advice and support. Mentors really make a difference through supporting volunteer management colleagues, helping to build connections and confidence.
  • 12 board directors, who shape the direction of the organisation through strategic planning and monitoring as well as hands-on delivery. 
  • 5 volunteers, who’ve planned and run our Challenge Sessions and BiteSize, bringing up to date volunteer management ideas and inspiration to our members. 

Thank you so much – you make AVM immeasurably better through your energy, experience, skills and commitment. 

Thank you!