The 5 June 2024 marks the 17th Anniversary since the Association of Volunteer Managers was first set up by, and for, people who manage volunteers. 

Seventeen years on, AVM continues to be an independent membership body that aims to support, represent and champion people in volunteer management and we want to make sure that everything we do connects, develops and empowers us all to lead, support and manage volunteers effectively.

This means that we are reviewing some of the things that we offer to make sure that everyone can continue to benefit from what we do:

  • Over the last year, we’ve introduced Free Think-ins and Member Forums, which are free events offered exclusively for AVM members, and we are planning to continue with these whilst we also review our event offer to make sure that it continues to be relevant for all of our members.
  • We know that mentoring is really important, and so over the summer we’ll be reviewing our mentoring scheme to make sure that we’re delivering the best experience to all mentees and mentors. 
  • We also know how beneficial networking can be so we’re working on a plan for face-to-face peer support groups, which we hope to have more information about over the summer months – watch this space!
  • We are also undertaking some work on our website to make sure that it’s more relevant, accessible and user friendly. Part of the website work will include looking at our current resources, evaluating them, reorganising them and identifying any gaps where we can provide further information. You might not see any changes there for a while but it’s something we’re working away on in the background and will announce any changes in future issues of the newsletter.

So, we hope you’ll agree with us that there is lots to look forward to, but before we do that, we’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to AVM in any way over the last seventeen years and helped us to continue supporting people in volunteer management. You have helped to make AVM the organisation that it is today.