After much careful consideration AVM has decided not to continue managing the Voluntary Voice forum. We know some of you may be disappointed by this and we’re sorry for that.

Voluntary Voice was set up by Do-It in May 2020 to support community leads during the pandemic. Whilst this was well received at the time, since the pandemic restrictions have eased we’ve noticed a significant drop-off in interactions on the forum over the past couple of years. 

Throughout the past year we have been more proactive in directing people to the forum yet there has been little take up and a recent survey that we conducted concluded that the platform wasn’t the easiest to use and therefore we have decided not to renew the licence and Voluntary Voice will stop functioning in May 2024.

We will continue to direct people to the LinkedIn group that we manage for volunteer managers as a space to ask peers questions and share ideas. We’ll also be working on the resources section of the website to make it more intuitive and relevant over the coming months. 

We’d like to offer a huge thank you to Rob Jackson for his advocacy and commitment to Voluntary Voice and for running the monthly live chats to engage volunteer managers. We’d also like to thank the team at for providing a great online space during a really difficult and isolating time for so many. Lastly we’d like to thank Alan Bennett and Nikki Golding for their concerted efforts over the past 12 months in directing people to the forum.